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Aqua scales

Innovative, rugged stainless steel scales

Innovative, rugged stainless steel scales for use in wet areas and the chemical and food industries.

The high IP68 rating guarantees a long service life under the toughest of conditions.

Aqua scale/Aqua scales

RHEWA aqua scales - ready for anything

Weighing operations are not always performed in the dry - and that can quickly lead to malfunctions or serious inaccuracies when using conventional bench scales or food scales. Specially developed for use in wet areas, the aqua scale puts you on the safe side. The aqua scale is an expression of our innovative efforts to make weighing even more precise and convenient. Food scales come in different versions to meet a host of requirements, of course.

From practical bench scales with small weighing ranges to floor scales capable of serving a maximum weighing range of 2 to 400 kg, a RHEWA aqua scale represents an investment in quality and innovation.

What's the difference between an aqua scale and a food or bench scale?

Probably the most important difference lies in the name: the aqua scale is water-resistant and has a hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell. For you, this means it can cope with the occasional spillage or be placed in wet areas without any problems. 

Otherwise, the aqua scale is the same as a conventional count/weigh system, which can, of course, be adapted to suit your requirements. RHEWA offers you a choice of two systems designed for different weighing ranges.

RHEWA aqua scales - rugged precision

Their water-resistant properties make our aqua scales suitable for use in many areas. They are: 

  • water-resistant
  • made from high-quality stainless steel
  • particularly hygienic
  • suitable for use as food scales
  • designed in accordance with HACCP guidelines for the weighing platform

Aqua bench and floor scales

If you're looking for a watertight bench or food scale, we offer a choice of two premium-quality stainless steel scales specially designed for use in wet areas. In both versions, the weighing platform was designed to the latest HACCP guidelines, and both come with an indicator and a stand for ease of operation as standard.

Whereas the smallest aqua scale operates with a weighing range of 0.02 to 3 kg, the largest floor scale permits exact and precise weighing up to 400 kg, even in wet conditions.

RHEWA roll-through and floor scales

Our roll-through aqua scales are used wherever the scale cannot be installed in the floor. The optional lifting mechanism and special weighing platform design allow the roll-through scale to be thoroughly cleaned, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene. A low-profile weighing platform and integral ramp allow you to move goods onto the scale with ease.

For your specific needs, we also offer floor scales in custom sizes for installation flush with the floor with base frame or for surface mounting.