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Food scales

Food scales at a glance

Food-scales are specially designed scales for the food processing sector according to HACCP specifications and made entirely of stainless steel.

The high IP68 rating guarantees a long service life under the toughest of conditions. Our food scales include the Aqua series plus a number of select compact scales.

Food scale

RHEWA food scales - when precision and hygiene are paramount

Food scales have to satisfy many requirements: they must be simple to operate and easy to clean, they have to withstand dust - from salts and spices, for example - as well as moisture and, of course, they have to be precise and exact. RHEWA has a wide range of food scales that differ in various aspects such as working range, capacity and weighing pan. This means you are sure to find the right kitchen scale for you.

RHEWA food scales offer maximum precision and a rugged design. For use in wet areas, you will find our special Aqua food scales, which stand out on account of being fully watertight. We also offer EC trade approved kitchen scales for specific areas in the food sector, of course, both as bench and platform scales.

Where can food scales be used?

Hygienic kitchen scales are used in many areas, especially the food-processing sector, though our robust and easy to clean scales are also deployed in laboratories, schools and hospitals as well as the chemical industry. Food scales can also be used as harvest scales for weighing freshly picked asparagus or strawberries, for example.

Stainless steel scales also have their place in commercial kitchens and gastro establishments for weighing ingredients for new recipes in the scale pan or determining and checking portion sizes.

Food scales make sense wherever precision and stringent hygiene come into play, all the more so given that RHEWA offers scales with different capacities and measuring ranges.

What are the advantages of an industrial kitchen scale?

We use only select materials noted for positive properties such as ease of cleaning and resistance to rust for our food scales. A weighing pan also provides a clean and practical option for placing food or other small items on the scale for weighing. Food scales are also easy to clean if a hinged load plate or platform is used, for example, ensuring no residual dirt or dust can accumulate in any gaps.

Our portfolio includes complete weighing instruments equipped with a stand, display and indicator for outstanding ease of operation. To ensure the food scale remains in service for as long as possible, some of our models come with an HACCP-compliant weighing platform and hermetically sealed stainless steel load cells, such as the kitchen scale 831-2-835-Aqua-68, which is also water-resistant.

RHEWA food bench scales

Our models are as varied as your needs! This is why you will find a wide variety of food-grade bench and compact scales with and without weighing pans in our portfolio. They range from simple, small compact scales, some of which are equipped with a rechargeable battery for portable use, to versions with a stand and numerous accumulation functions. RHEWA food scales also offer a host of options in terms of measuring range and capacity, as a glance at the different versions will show.

Floor and roll-through platform scales

Our floor and roll-through platform scales for the food sector are part of our renowned and premium-quality Aqua range. They are particularly easy to clean thanks to hinged load plates and platforms and have a measuring range and load-bearing capacity of up to 3,000 kg. With parameters like these, a weighing pan is often not enough to transport the load. Our roll-through platform scales are therefore extremely rugged and come with an integral ramp that allows you to move the load onto the scale with a hand pallet truck or wheeled container.

RHEWA weighing equipment is renowned for exact weighing to high standards

RHEWA food scales not only greatly simplify the weighing process, they are also extremely easy to clean. For more than 110 years, we have stood for advanced weighing equipment that turns the measuring and weighing of food and building materials and much more besides into a fine art.