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Complete scales

Complete scales at a glance

Complete scales are either compact industrial scales with an integrated indicator or plug-and-play industrial scales consisting of a weighing platform and a separate indicator. Our high-precision industrial scales are versatile and are known for their accuracy and reliability. Whether you prefer compact solutions or require a customized configuration with separate displays, our industrial scales provide the flexibility you need to meet your requirements.

Our legal-for-trade industrial scales adhere to the highest standards and are ideal for business applications where legal metrological requirements must be met. Non-legal-for-trade scales offer you maximum flexibility and are perfect for various industrial tasks.

In the realm of industrial compact scales, our motto is: Unbox, power on, weigh! With us, you not only get high-quality industrial scales but also top-notch service. Learn more about our extensive range of compact scales and get in touch for personalized guidance!

Complete bench and floor scales – precision and reliability from RHEWA

The bench scales and floor scales from RHEWA-WAAGENFABRIK consist of two main components: the indicator and the weighing platform. These components can be combined as needed, but RHEWA also offers pre-configured complete scales. Our product lines, including types 831-35, 332-34, 933L, 944, as well as the standalone floor scales 870 and 871, are available for selection. Your choice of a particular model should depend on the specific requirements and applications within your company. For optimal selection, we recommend consulting with our experts as an interested user of industrial scales to ensure that you make the right choice.

RHEWA wall scales – space-saving and durable for industrial requirements

Space is often a precious commodity in industrial enterprises. Therefore, a scale should not occupy valuable floor space. At RHEWA, we have developed a selection of complete wall scales that are not only robust and compact but also easy to clean. In industries such as large kitchens, butcher shops, and hospitality, numerous customers have already chosen to purchase our industrial scales of Type 812 or 814 and have been extremely satisfied.

Precision weighing of pallets and transport containers – RHEWA offers the ideal complete scale

For precise weighing of standardized pallets and transport containers, especially for mobile applications, RHEWA provides the perfect solution with the Pallet Scale 850. Its U-shaped design has proven itself in practice and is user-friendly. Our customers particularly appreciate the robustness and durable construction of this scale. You can use the appropriate indicator in tabletop, tripod, or wall-mounted configurations, depending on your requirements.

Moisture and electronics - no problem! RHEWA Aqua Scales are easy to clean and exceptionally durable

Our tabletop and floor scales from RHEWA are already well-known for their robustness and impact resistance. However, when it comes to strict hygiene regulations, easy cleaning options, and high durability, we recommend acquiring compact scales from our Aqua series. These are available in various configurations and have been specially designed for use in humid environments as well as in the chemical and food industries.

Versatile and high-quality Parcel Scales by RHEWA

RHEWA parcel scales are characterized by their reliability and pragmatism. Here, ease of use is paramount without compromising on appealing design. Our scale models 933L, 944, 831-35, and 332-34 combine these exact qualities and assist our customers in making straightforward decisions. With the purchase of one of these scales, you receive an adaptable, sturdy, and long-lasting product that can be easily integrated into either a tabletop or a workstation.

Precise industrial scales for the food industry – RHEWA scales in compliance with HACCP guidelines

The range of scales from RHEWA for the food industry is extensive. We offer drive-through scales, floor-mounted scales, rail scales, cutter scales, as well as bench, floor, and compact scales (910B, 923C, 940C). Our experts are here to assist you in finding the suitable hygienic industrial scale for your business. Our stainless steel series of complete scales is particularly popular, meeting the highest standards and providing pre-configured product combinations – an invaluable asset in the decision-making process within this field.