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Weighing platforms

Weighing platforms at a glance

Weighing bridges are versatile load sensors for various requirements and weight ranges. All RHEWA weighing bridges can be purchased individually or in flexible combinations with RHEWA indicators as complete industrial scales.

Design the appropriate combination of weighing bridge and the corresponding indicator for your specific needs!

Weighing platforms

RHEWA weighing platforms - with the right load receptors for optimum weighing

For nearly 120 years, RHEWA has been a family-owned company specializing in industrial weighing technology. Our floor scales and weighing bridges with flexible weight ranges are based on multi-generational experience. In sectors such as plant engineering, logistics, the food industry, industrial chemistry, laboratory technology, metal processing, and trade, our weighing bridges are valued companions for accurate weighing.

Whether in production, quality control, or warehouse management during goods in and out processes, RHEWA weighing bridges are used in nearly all application areas where weight and precision are critical. We provide tailor-made solutions, from standard floor scales to customized weighing bridges for specific applications. We optimize your weighing systems and offer indicators that enable process integration to simplify and enhance your production processes, quality control, and warehouse management. Our approach is well-thought-out, logical, expertly executed, and tailored to your individual requirements.

Even after your industrial scale purchase, we provide competent service and ensure the highest product efficiency in all weighing areas of your business. No matter how specific your requirements, we collaborate with you to develop solutions for floor scales and weighing bridges.

RHEWA Weighbridges - Reliable industrial scales for demanding applications

Our weighbridges are designed to perform reliably even under the harshest industrial conditions. We offer a variety of control panels that, when combined with our weighbridges, provide optimal solutions for your company. As a long-standing manufacturer, we always keep the requirements and demands of the industrial environment in mind, whether it's for floor scales or indicators. These requirements are incorporated into the design of each of our floor scales. Your needs are our challenge. Whether it's about ramp access, impact protection, seamless communication between the evaluation device and other terminals like printers, or bridging long distances with extra-long cables between the control terminal and evaluation device, we provide solutions.

Do you need additional software for analysis or data collection? Do you want to protect your weighbridge from corrosion? Do you have specific requirements for weight range or do you need a drive-in solution, a platform scale, or a drive-through scale? With RHEWA weighbridges, you and your company are always on the safe side.

RHEWA industrial scales - high precision and safety for your business

Every RHEWA weighing platform is set up to provide a decent weighing range. This ensures, in the interest of our customers, that our precision scales are the perfect assistants for the weighing of products and goods in industry, logistics, quality assurance and trade. Different platform sizes are available to suit your particular requirement. Safety, alongside precision, is very important to us. We therefore manufacture extra-large platforms to guarantee safe weighing of your products. The maximum load of each weighing platform far exceeds the specified weighing range. This guarantees the operating safety of our floor scales and also ensures our precision scales meet a high standard. RHEWA weighing instruments stand for safety, precision and durability. Contact one of our specialists today.

Our weighing bridges offer impressive nominal load capacity and are the perfect partners for precise weighing in industry, logistics, quality assurance, and trade. With various platform sizes, they flexibly adapt to your needs. At RHEWA, we prioritize safety and precision. That's why we produce robust weighing bridges, including oversized platforms, to ensure the secure weighing of your products. Our maximum loads significantly exceed the specified weight limits. This not only enhances the user safety of our floor scales but also ensures the long lifespan of our high-precision scales. Trust RHEWA for safety, precision, and durability. Contact our experts today and purchase industrial scales that represent efficiency and safety.