Weighing platforms

Weighing platforms at a glance

Weighing platforms are load receptors in various designs and weighing ranges. All RHEWA weighing platforms are available as complete weighing instruments individually or in combination with your choice of RHEWA indicator.

Choose the weighing platform and the corresponding indicator to suit your particular requirements!

Weighing platforms

RHEWA weighing platforms - with the right load receptors for optimum weighing

RHEWA is an owner-run company with over 110 years of expertise in industrial weighing technology. That means all our floor scales and flexible-range weighing platforms are based on more than a century of experience. Our weighing platform portfolio is a valued asset when it comes to weighing product in the fields of industrial engineering, logistics, food, chemicals, laboratory equipment, metal processing and trade. 

When weight and precision are of key importance, RHEWA weighing platforms are used just about everywhere, from production and quality assurance to the monitoring of incoming and outgoing goods. And they are used with our applications-driven solutions, which range from standard scales as floor scales to custom weighing platforms for your specific requirement. We optimise your weighing range by ensuring our indicators allow you to dovetail processes, so as to simplify and perfect your production process, quality assurance and incoming and outgoing goods procedures. Sophisticated, logical, professional, expertly made with your requirements in mind and backed by specialist after-sales service - our RHEWA promise. We help you to increase your product efficiency on every weighing level. We will work with you to develop joint solutions for all issues relating to floor scales and weighing platforms - no matter how specific your requirements are. 

RHEWA weighing platforms - no industrial application is too tough for us

Our weighing platforms can be combined with all manner of control panels to create perfect bespoke solutions and are designed to cope with the harshest of conditions. That means we are fully conversant with the demands and requirements placed on floor scales and indicators in industrial use. But that's not all. These conditions, whether they apply to indicators or accessories, are taken into account in the design of every RHEWA floor scale. In other words, your requirements are our challenge. We find answers to every question, be it ramps, floor scale collision protection, indicators offering smooth communication with other terminals - for example printers - or the need to bridge large distances by way of extra-long cable solutions between the control terminal and the indicator. Do you need additional software to perform analyses or capture data? Does your weighing platform require a special type of corrosion protection? Does your specialist requirement mean you have to cover a large weighing range with one weighing platform? Do you want a roll-in solution, a platform scale or a roll-through scale? If you do, you will know that you and your company are always on the safe and right side with a RHEWA weighing platform. 

RHEWA weighing platforms - perfect weighing assistant with high rated load

Every RHEWA weighing platform is set up to provide a decent weighing range. This ensures, in the interest of our customers, that our precision scales are the perfect assistants for the weighing of products and goods in industry, logistics, quality assurance and trade. Different platform sizes are available to suit your particular requirement. Safety, alongside precision, is very important to us. We therefore manufacture extra-large platforms to guarantee safe weighing of your products. The maximum load of each weighing platform far exceeds the specified weighing range. This guarantees the operating safety of our floor scales and also ensures our precision scales meet a high standard. RHEWA weighing instruments stand for safety, precision and durability. Contact one of our specialists today.