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Bench scales

Versatile bench scales

Our bench scales come in two standard versions - powder-coated normal steel or stainless steel. All models are secured against overloading and therefore suitable for heavy-duty industrial use. They are also available with IP68 protected stainless steel load cells. 

A range of accessories, such as a dongle function for removal of the measurement cable and easy cable laying in conjunction with desktop use, transport fixtures for mobile, legal-for-trade use and tripod mounts for an organised system, permit bespoke modular solutions. 

Bench scales

RHEWA bench and portable scales

Whether in the food processing industry or behind the meat counter, we encounter bench scales every day. Little wonder, as bench scales are efficient, easy to clean and often come with a count function, making measuring and weighing operations so much easier. And because they weigh so little, bench scales have a very small footprint, despite offering a large weighing range, and are very easy to transport. If the bench scale has a battery installed, they also offer portable use free of any power cord - perfect for stocktakes when lots of small parts have to be counted across a large warehouse.

What is a bench scale?

A bench scale can be used for easy mixing, weighing and checkweighing loose and packed goods. If your bench scale also has a count function, you can use it for counting large numbers of small parts very quickly with the aid of sample weights. This makes bench scales suitable for use in the food sector, trade, DIY stores, metal processing and many other fields.

The advantages offered by bench scales are obvious: they save you both time and labour and also reduce the error rate compared with counting by hand. Bench scales also have smaller weighing platforms, which means they take up little space and are easy to transport.

What is a bench scale with count function?

A counting scale allows you to count many parts of the same weight in a single operation. It is relatively easy - all you have to do is ascertain a reference weight. This can be done using an individual part, such as a screw, which determines the reference weight, or using several parts of the same weight. The more sample parts you place on the scale, the more accurately the average weight can be calculated and, as a result, the more accurate the count. The count function then calculates the exact quantity of parts on the scale according to the reference weight. Bench scales with a count function are practical and precise tools for use in receiving and outgoing goods areas, goods inspections and annual stocktakes, for example.

Portable and compact - RHEWA bench scales

Bench scales are not only very easy to use, they are also very compact. We offer several options with regard to platform size and weighing range. The platform size for our 910 bench scale, for example, is 182 x 182 mm (with a weighing range of 0 to 10 kg), while the 940C version comes with a 210 x 190 mm platform (and a weighing range and maximum capacity of 0 to 20 kg). You will therefore find the right bench scale for your requirements in our product range.

If the bench scale is to be used at different locations, for example on market stands or in other itinerant trades, you will find scales in our range that support battery as well as mains operation.

In some areas, such as trade, bench scales also need to be verified. We do, of course, offer you the option of ordering trade-approved bench scales. And should they fail to meet your requirements with regard to platform size, maximum capacity or weighing range, for example, we will work with you to find practice-driven solutions in line with your wishes!

RHEWA bench scales - robust and durable

A bench scale that runs to maximum capacity will soon pay off. If you go for a counting scale with a high maximum capacity and corresponding weighing range, you can save valuable time, labour and ultimately hard cash when inspecting goods and stocktaking. A premium-quality, technically refined bench scale with the appropriate maximum capacity will make your daily work so much easier in general terms, too. Whether in industry or trade, accuracy is what counts, and RHEWA has been a synonym for precision for more than 110 years!

RHEWA - more than 110 years of precision

RHEWA bench scales are renowned for their small footprint and ease of operation. Yet our portfolio also includes large scales, of course, such as bench and food scales, weighing scale pallet trucks, and floor and platform scales. We have specialised in weighing technology for more than 110 years. For your individual requirements, we will work with you to find practice-driven solutions manufactured to your wishes - simply get in touch, we look forward to speaking to you!