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Overhead track scales

Corrosion-resistant, easy to install overhead track scales

RHEWA overhead track scales are renowned for their very simple, space-saving installation. The "swallowtail" joint deployed between tubular track and weighing rail from rail lengths of 300 mm allows product to be moved with hardly any jolting or force. The 016-2 is also available with a plastics insert for use in lubricant-free systems.

All overhead track scale components are galvanised and designed for long maintenance-free service in cold, damp environments. The use of RHEWA's dongle function means our overhead track scales can be supplied trade approved (conformity assessed) and with the cable separate from the indicator for installation purposes.

Overhead track scales

Corrosion-resistant, easy to install overhead track scales

Overhead track scales with high quality standards and straightforward operation

Overhead track scales are utilized across various industries, delivering precise measurement results. The models available from us are built on years of development and advanced technology. If you're unwilling to compromise in the weighbridge segment, an overhead track scale from RHEWA is precisely the right choice. With a wide range of configurations available, tailored solutions are accessible for every requirement profile. Moreover, these overhead track scales are distinguished by convenient operation and excellent craftsmanship. Explore the diverse quality features now and conveniently order functional weighbridges or floor scales online.

High-quality equipment for professional demands

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all our considerations. Consequently, we exclusively offer overhead track scales made from robust and durable materials. Components such as load cells made from anodized aluminum alloy and steel ball supports illustrate the elevated level of craftsmanship. The result is reliable functionality and high resilience. Furthermore, overhead track scales from RHEWA are corrosion-resistant, ensuring no risk of rust damage.

Serving as flexible load receptors, these weighbridges act as aids in various industries, including slaughterhouses, butcheries, and various cold storage facilities. Additionally, an overhead track scale is the suitable model for goods receiving, boasting proven measuring technology.

Overhead track scales from RHEWA in a wide selection

Depending on the specific application, various overhead track scales are suitable. Our range includes models with different weighing ranges and graduations, for example. Another criterion is the length of the weighing rail, which must be carefully considered when making a purchase decision.

From floor scales to tabletop scales, RHEWA's range covers all areas. You can easily find suitable weighbridges, floor scales, and many other products for your specific needs. The numerous advantages of overhead track scales are complemented by easy and quick installation. Accordingly, these models can be put into operation within a short time and used for various weighing processes. Furthermore, we offer functional evaluation devices that can be combined with your overhead track scale.

Choose overhead track scales of the highest quality class now

Overall, an overhead track scale from RHEWA represents the ideal interplay between function and convenience. Compatibility with trolley hooks and various systems offers high flexibility. Moreover, these scales take up minimal space, making them suitable for a variety of premises. Do you have any questions about floor scales, weighbridges, or other components of our offering? Then we are happy to assist you with expert and personalized advice. We will explain the specifics of the different designs and provide you with tips on purchasing a weighbridge. The key features of our overhead track scales are outlined in the following overview:

- High-quality materials
- Low wear and corrosion resistance
- Easy installation
- Minimal space requirements
- Reliable measuring technology