RHEWA indicators

Our indicators at a glance

All indicators come in a durable stainless-steel enclosure (IP65 or 68). An integral switched-mode power supply, alibi memory device and legal-for-trade multiple range and multi-interval functions provide the prerequisites for precise and long-lasting scales in accordance with the weights and measures legislation. Our indicators are conformity assessed (verified) before they leave the factory and available either individually as components or, in combination with one of our weighing platforms, as complete weighing instruments.
A variety of configurable tech features for the various indicators can be found in the Accessories section.

This means our indicators can be customised to your exact requirements - whether it's interfaces, switch contacts or data visualisation tools such as visual signalling devices or connection to your control or ERP system.
Key documents such as datasheets, instructions and dimension sheets can be found under Downloads for every device type. Select the indicator to suit your particular application and/or combine it with a weighing platform of your choice - we'll be happy to advise!


Indicators for the RHEWA weighing platform

If the weighing platform, with its load cell, is the heart of any floor or bench scale, then the indicator is the brain. It "chucks" the weights out and, depending on the version, assumes lots of other tasks to make weighing, measuring and sorting easier.

You can choose from a broad range of indicators with very different functions. From the basic version solely for weighing operations to the interface for driving and controlling a host of work and production processes.

It all comes down to what your requirements are!

Our 82-series indicators

Our indicators are designed with your needs and expectations in mind. An entry-level model for performing tare weighing operations - such as the 82Alpha indcator - will often suffice. With its serial port for printers or barcode scanners, our entry-level appliance for weighing platforms, bench scales and floor scales allows you to perform basic weighing operations with just a few keypresses.

The RHEWA 82b plus, which comes with two digital inputs, one output and an autotare function, is the all-rounder in our indicator range. This model is designed for ease of use and boasts a large, easy-to-read display.

If, in addition to weighing, you require a count and accumulate function that offers the same intuitive use, our 82c plus model is the perfect choice. The C stands for comfort, and comfort is definitely what you get. This indicator offers an accumulate function with ten memories, two digital inputs and outputs, an alibi memory and much more besides.

Last, but definitely not least, our 82 range of indicators includes the 82e plus, the "counter". It is perfect for quick and easy parts counting and transforms any bench or floor scale into a professional counting scale. It offers two serial interfaces and the ability to connect the indicator to higher-level controls devices via Profibus, Ethernet and analogue output.

All the indicators in the 82 range are EC trade approved, of course, and renowned for their flawless workmanship and long service life.

Indicators 83sigma and 84vario for complex industrial applications

Our 83sigma indicator is a robust and highly professional appliance that performs complex controlling and monitoring tasks with ease. With its numeric keypad and rugged stainless steel enclosure, the 83Z is extremely versatile. It allows you to connect not one but two weighing platforms, use the count and accumulate function, programme the six function keys to suit your individual requirements and activate standard print tickets. Everything you need for complex weighing tasks!

With its watertight stainless steel enclosure, our 83sigma indicator is also designed for professional industrial use. It offers six assignable function keys as well as database and price labelling functions. As you would expect, the 83sigma comes with a host of communications interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet, RS232 plus two digital inputs and four digital outputs.

RHEWA indicator 84vario: the high-performance all-rounder for complex tasks

Looking for a machine that can do more than just weigh? The 84vario is not simply a high-performance indicator, it also performs the most complex of tasks with ease and reliabiity. You can connect up to four weighing platforms and assign 10 function keys to suit your requirements. A host of programs for counting, order picking and many other applications make the 84vario much more than just an indicator on the weighing platform.

A genuine all-rounder that, once you have mastered all the functions, can save you valuable time and effort!

RHEWA indicators - precise, robust and versatile

One thing we have learned in more than 110 years of experience in the field of metrology is that weighing instruments need to match the versatility of our customers. Each company has its own individual requirements when it comes to weighing platforms, bench scales, floor scales and indicators. This is why we have built a broad product portfolio capable of covering as many applications as possible.

So if you feel your requirements are not fully covered, do not hesitate to contact us!

We pledge to work with you to develop practice-driven solutions tailored to your needs!