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RHEWA indicators

Our indicators at a glance

All indicators come in a durable stainless-steel enclosure (IP65 or 68). An integral switched-mode power supply, alibi memory device and legal-for-trade multiple range and multi-interval functions provide the prerequisites for precise and long-lasting scales in accordance with the weights and measures legislation. Our indicators are conformity assessed (verified) before they leave the factory and available either individually as components or, in combination with one of our weighing platforms, as complete weighing instruments. This ensures that applications in the fields of plant engineering, logistics, food, metal processing, and the chemical industry can be efficiently represented. 
A variety of configurable tech features for the various indicators can be found in the Accessories section.

This means our indicators can be customised to your exact requirements - whether it's interfaces, switch contacts or data visualisation tools such as visual signalling devices or connection to your control or ERP system.
Key documents such as datasheets, instructions and dimension sheets can be found under Downloads for every device type. Select the indicator to suit your particular application and/or combine it with a weighing platform of your choice - we'll be happy to advise!


Indicators for the RHEWA weighing platform

The weighing platform with load cell serves as the core of floor scales and table scales, while the evaluation device acts as the intelligent control center. It not only provides precise weight readings but also, depending on the model, performs a variety of additional tasks to optimize your weighing, measuring, and sorting processes.

Our product range includes a variety of evaluation devices with different functions. From simple basic devices that focus solely on weighing to advanced interfaces that allow you to control and monitor a wide range of work and manufacturing processes.

The choice of the right evaluation device is entirely in your hands and depends on your individual requirements!

Our 82-series indicators

Our evaluation devices have been designed to meet your individual requirements. For many applications, an entry-level model like our 82alpha evaluation device, which allows for weight determination with tare compensation, is sufficient. With a serial interface for printers or barcode readers, you can easily handle basic weighing tasks on floor scales, table scales, and weighbridges with a simple push of a button.

The all-rounders among our evaluation devices are the 82b-1 and 82b-2 models. With two digital inputs, one output, and automatic taring, they offer easy operation and feature a large, easily readable display.

If you need counting and summing functions in addition to basic weighing, the 82c-1 and 82c-2 models are the perfect choice. The 'c' stands for 'comfort,' and these evaluation devices provide convenient operation with ten memory slots, two digital inputs and outputs, an alibi memory, and more.

Last, but definitely not least, is our 82e-2 evaluation device, the 'counter.' Ideal for fast and precise piece counting, it transforms every table scale and floor scale into a professional counting scale. The 82e-2 evaluation device is equipped with two serial interfaces and can be connected to superior control systems via Profibus, Ethernet, and analog output.

All our evaluation devices in the 82 series are EU-verified for legal metrology and impress with high-quality craftsmanship and long lifespan

In addition, we now offer our compact entry-level devices, the 32 and 92. Thanks to their independent power supply, they provide a high degree of flexibility for users without compromising on precision and convenience. The indicator 32 is EG-verified to Class III standards, featuring a robust plastic housing (IP 54), single-button counting function, a battery-backed clock and the ability to use six predefined print templates. The indicator 92 has a slightly modified design aimed at optimal user handling and is primarily intended for non-legal-for-trade weighing.

With the purchase of these indicators, all essential basic functions are covered. They can be used as tabletop, wall-mounted, or tripod devices – all while delivering the highest precision and flexibility!

Powerful industrial weighing solutions with the indicators 83sigma and 84vario

When it comes to demanding weighing tasks, our indicator 83sigma offers a robust and highly professional solution that effortlessly handles even the most complex tasks, such as control and dosing. With its numerical keypad and durable stainless steel housing, the 83sigma is ready for any challenge. With this device, you can connect not just one but two weighbridges and utilize the counting and summing functions. Additionally, you can activate standard printouts — everything you need for demanding weighing tasks!

That's why our indicator 83sigma, housed in a waterproof stainless steel casing, is a top choice for professional industrial applications. It not only provides six programmable function keys but also features an integrated database function and the ability for price labeling. Naturally, the 83sigma comes with versatile communication interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, RS232, as well as two digital inputs and four digital outputs, to perfectly meet your requirements.

The optimal solution for demanding tasks: high-performance indicator 84vario

Do you want to use your industrial scale not only for weighing but also for more complex applications? With the 84vario, you get a powerful indicator that effortlessly handles even challenging tasks. This device allows you to connect up to four weighbridges and offers the option to individually configure 10 function keys. A variety of programs for counting, commissioning, and many other applications make the 84vario more than just an indicator for your industrial scale.

A true all-rounder that offers the opportunity to save valuable time and manpower!

RHEWA indicators - precision, robustness, and versatility

With nearly 120 years of experience in weighing technology, we understand that devices need to be as versatile as our customers. Every business has unique requirements for their weighbridge, bench or tabletop scale, floor scale, or indicator. That's why we offer an extensive product range capable of addressing a wide range of applications. Purchasing an industrial scale is an investment in the future - that's why you should choose RHEWA!

And if you find that your specific requirements are not met, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Together, we will develop tailored, practical solutions for you!