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Large displays

Large displays at a glance

Large displays and digital displays from RHEWA are extremely easy to read and come with a high IP rating.

The weight or quantity can be read off from a distance - either in a separate room away from the scale or as an auxiliary display right next to the scale, e.g. in the production area.

Large displays

Large displays for RHEWA weighing systems - digital displays for built-in measuring equipment

RHEWA scales are equipped with easy-to-read displays - but sometimes you need something a little bigger, such as our large displays for built-in measuring equipment. These displays are simply attached to the wall and offer clear views of the current weight. The super bright display - which can be dimmed if required, of course - permits optimum adjustment of the digital display to the existing lighting conditions and ensures it is legible in both natural and artificial light. 

Where can large displays and digital displays be used?

Digital displays with wall enclosures for built-in measuring equipment can be put to a variety of uses. For example, they can be used in: 

  • The food sector
  • Conveying and warehousing
  • Process and weighing applications

Combine the large display with one of our counting, metering, filling or compact bench scales and enjoy the freedom of not having to stand by the scale to read off the weighing results! 

Advantages of digital displays:

  • Weight indication
  • Quantity indication
  • Text indication
  • Extra large digits for weighing instruments

The large/auxiliary display 0405/10 from RHEWA

The large display 0405/10 can be used in damp conditions without any problems thanks to its rugged stainless steel wall enclosure. Seven brightly lit display segments ensure the 45 mm high digits are large enough to be read from a distance of around 15 metres. The number of digits that can be shown on digital displays depends on the indicator, for which a RHEWA swivel-and-tilt wall bracket is available as an optional extra. 

The enclosure comes in high-quality stainless steel with a wall bracket. This large display can be connected to the weighing platform via RS232, TTY or Ethernet for indication of the weighing results. 

Large display 0405/20 - when you're thinking big

Conventional large displays for built-in measuring equipment soon reach their limits, especially in large production facilities.

With the 0405/20 model from RHEWA, you can read the clear 120 mm high digits on the bright display from as far away as 30 - 100 metres. If it's too bright, the display will automatically dim, but can also be adjusted manually, of course. 

The wall enclosure is made of powder-coated steel and has a hood to protect it from dirt and other contaminants. The digital displays are connected to the output device via RS232. Here, they can fall back on conventional data logs to guarantee a simple, uncomplicated connection.