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Roll-through platform scales

Designed for industrial use

RHEWA roll-through platform scales catch the eye with their space-saving design, integral ramp and ultra-low roll-through height of 35 mm. The powder-coated roll-through platform scale 060 is designed for industrial use and can be equipped with additional accessories if required.

The roll-through platform scale 064 is designed to meet the demands of the food industry, ensuring full compliance with HACCP requirements. The compact roll-through platform scale 062 is intended for mobile use and impresses with its intelligent lightweight design.

Roll-through platform scales

A weighing platform for roll-through platform scales - practical, compact and spot on

Roll-through platform scales are incredibly practical, especially when you have limited space or you need a portable, yet robust floor scale. Our weighing platforms for roll-through platform scales offer exemplary flexibility bettered only by their rugged design. Our weighing platforms for roll-through platform scales have a low-level weighing platform with integral ramp and, of course, an extensive range of accessories that can be purchased separately.

Floor scales can be deployed wherever wheeled containers are used, such as laundries, butcheries and bakeries. For roll-through platform scales used in food production and processing, RHEWA has trade approved weighing platforms for floor scales that are completely designed in compliance with HACCP guidelines. 

The weighing platform for floor scales in the food sector and wet areas

RHEWA's 064 weighing platform for roll-through platform scales is perfect for use not only in the food sector but also in wet areas and the chemical industry. It is made entirely of hygienic stainless steel and water-resistant. In addition, the lifting mechanism can be opened and completely cleaned. This compact, yet powerful floor scale can be used without a worry wherever stringent hygiene standards are required. It has a particularly flat weighing platform with a roll-through height of just 40 mm and an integral ramp. The different versions of this floor scale offer platform sizes of 1000 x 850 mm or 1250 x 1050 mm and weighing ranges from 2 to 1,500 kilograms.

Weighing platform 062 for roll-through platform scales, lightweight and mobile

Are you short on space or do you need a featherweight weighing platform for use at different locations? If so, our 062 model is the one for you, as it boasts a lightweight design with recessed grip handles on the sides that makes it easy to transport and deploy exactly where you need it. All you need is a flat level surface and the weighing platform is ready to go. It is particularly suitable for use with small-wheeled containers.

The weighing platform 060 - the all-rounder

Our robust 060 weighing platform is suitable for wheeling on heavy goods. With a load capacity of up to 1,800 kilograms, the powder-coated platform is extremely rugged and offers a variety of accessories, such as an overrun guard and additional ramp. The floor scale can be placed on any hard horizontal surface and can be manufactured in stainless steel, on request.


All our weighing platforms for roll-through platform scales are either already equipped with an indicator or are compatible with our range of electronic indicators.