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Floor scales

Stable, rugged floor scales

Our floor scales are designed with harsh industrial conditions in mind. Here we distinguish between above-ground scales (weighing platforms mounted on the factory floor) and in-ground scales (for installation in pits). Scales with a powder-coat finish have IP67 stainless steel load cells, whereas stainless steel floor scales only use IP68 load cells.

Ramps for accessing above ground scales, anti-collision safety devices and transport frames, etc. can be a sensible addition depending on the use and the requirements and permit the process-optimised use of a RHEWA floor scale.

Floor scales

RHEWA floor scales - precision from North Rhine-Westphalia

For what areas are our floor and pallet scales designed as in-ground scales? In general, it can be said that this precision scale segment is aimed at areas in which larger loads are encountered. An indication of this is the weighing range, which operates with weights from 0.4 to 3,000 kilograms, depending on the version. And this is what sets floor and pallet scales apart from bench scales, which cater for smaller weighing ranges. Floor and pallet scales are designed for use in industry, trade, logistics and related sectors. Our scales have been adapted to these sectors, too, or rather we at RHEWA gear our efforts towards this area of work. "Robust approaches" are often the norm in these fields, and so to ensure the precision scale works accurately, it is essential that the sensitive load cells, for example, have perfect protection. RHEWA floor and pallet scales are designed with this in mind. Our precision scales come with specially sealed load cells that meet the high protection requirements against external influences.

RHEWA floor scales - perfect for industry, trade and logistics

Suppliers of floor and pallet scales for specific industrial areas must know and understand the working environment. This has been RHEWA's core competence for more than 110 years. We see, we analyse, we understand and we create corresponding solutions. For the segment of floor and pallet scales with varying weighing ranges, this means that wiring and load cells, the heart of a precision scale, require special protection! Load cell protection is not the only area given the highest priority at RHEWA, however. Implementation of the 'plug-and-weigh' element is a must for us and our scales. Put simply, this means that every one of our floor scales is in service immediately, as soon as the connection to the scale display is made.

Precision scales are absolutely indispensable in any logistics process! Incoming/outgoing goods inspections are required in ever more areas. These inspections are often based on checking the weight of goods being received or dispatched. Our floor scales make inspections of all stock moving in and out of the warehouse child's play. Inventory shortfalls and undervaluations of goods based on product being weighed incorrectly or not at all are rendered a thing of the past.

RHEWA floor scales - coherent solutions for industry, trade and logistics

RHEWA precision floor scales bring out their full potential wherever other platform scales reach their natural limits. This may involve goods that are too heavy to be weighed or go beyond the scope of stand- or wall-mounted platforms. When selecting the model, therefore, certain factors must be taken into account. Is the floor scale to be installed flush with the floor as an in-ground model? This is no problem for RHEWA if the site conditions allow it. Are hand pallet trucks to be used with the floor or pallet scale? Our ramps create the optimum prerequisites for this. Do you need collision protection for your floor scale? You'll find that in our product range, too. Do you need extra-long cables for the connection of external devices? Do you want to connect a printer for real-time printing of weighing results? Should the floor scales come with software solutions to interact with existing programs? At RHEWA, we view all the above as our core competence in the creation of innovative weighing solutions.

RHEWA floor scales - solutions for every area

Our portfolio includes both entry-level models as precision scales and pallet scales for heavy-duty industrial applications. All our scales are protected against dust and splashing water, of course.