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Load cells
Strain gauge load cells


Strain gauge load cells

Strain gauge load cells, the basic components for the electrical measurement of mass as a mechanical parameter.

Installation modules and accessories can be supplied in kit form for various load cell types.

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Model Measuring range Description Typical
platform size
Material /
IP rating
0500/... 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 kg Single point load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 400 x 400 mm Aluminium, anodised /
0505/... 200 kg Single point load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 400 x 400 mm Aluminium, anodised /
0508 20, 50, 200 kg Single point load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 400 x 400 mm Stainless steel /
IP 68
0511/... 100, 300, 500, 635 kg Single point load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 600 x 600 mm Aluminium, anodised /
0515 100, 250, 500 kg Single point load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 600 x 600 mm Stainless steel /
IP 68
0531/... 500, 1000, 2000 kg Shear beam load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 Every size Stainless steel /
IP 67
0540/... 300, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 5000 kg Shear beam load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 Every size Stainless steel /
IP 68
0542/... 50 kN (5099 kg) Shear beam load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 Every size Stainless steel /
IP 67
0545/... 500 lb (227 kg),
1000 lb (454 kg),
2500 lb (1134 kg),
5000 lb (2268 kg)
Shear beam load cell, EC approved to 3000 d/OIML R60 Every size Stainless steel /
IP 68
0550/... 300, 500, 750,1200 kg Shear beam load cell, EC approved to 6000 d/OIML R60 Every size Stainless steel /
IP 68


0570 - Mounting set for shear beam load cells, galvanised


0572 - Mounting foot, complete, for shear beam load cells


0572/3 - Flanged mounting foot, complete, for shear beam load cells


0573/1 - Floor mounting set for load cell foot, galvanised

0573/1 - Bodenbefestigungssatz für 4 Wägezellen, verzinkt

Verhindert das Verrutschen der Wägebrücke während des Wägebetriebes und besteht aus Zentrierblechen, Ausgleichsblechen und Befestigungsmaterial.

0573/2 - Floor mounting set for load cell foot, stainless steel


0590 - Explosion protection, Class EEx ia IIC T4, for all load cells


Load cells

RHEWA load cells - weighing technology for sophisticated requirements

Maximum precision is crucial when assembling weighing installations, and RHEWA load cells allow you to achieve this. Load cells and force gauges are the heart of any weighing system - nothing happens without them. Or nothing with the required degree of accuracy at least. But precision is what it is all about - for you and for us! This is precisely why it is so important for you to be able to rely 100 % on the results provided by the load cell, which is why all our load cells, whether shear beam or single point load cells, are EC trade approved. 

RHEWA load cells are your guarantee of premium material quality, meticulous workmanship and technical precision. 

How do load cells work?

We encounter load cells every day - but most of the time we just don't realise it. They are installed in bathroom scales and butcher's scales alike. Larger weighing tasks require larger, more powerful load cells, of course - and these come in various versions (for different measuring ranges, for example) for a host of applications. The principle behind the load cell remains the same, however, no matter what size it is - the load cell contains a spring element that comes in various guises (shear beam, S-shaped, etc.). The spring element is made from metal that deforms as soon as it is subjected to a load. The extent of the deformation is shown by a strain gauge that converts the result into an electrical signal that can be read off as a weight on an electronic indicator. 

Strain gauges are electrical conductors that are attached to a metallic foil and bonded with the spring element. With single point and shear beam load cells, the direction of the load is aligned with the direction of gravity, which distinguishes them from a force gauge. Force gauges can register loads in all directions, not just "down" or towards the centre of the earth. When the foil to which the strain gauge is attached is subjected to stress, it contracts, which changes the resistance of the foil. The weight can be calculated on the basis of this change inside the shear beam cell and sent to another device.

Load cell applications and accuracy

Load cells and force gauges are, of course, primarily found in weighing instruments, but that is not the only use. They are also deployed in production and filling lines for controlling fill quantities and in sorting machines. 

Various rated loads (rated load = the maximum load the load cell is designed to carry) and measuring ranges are available for the different applications and accuracy classes. 

Accuracy class D load cells are sufficient for shear beam load cells used for weighing building materials such as sand and gravel, for example. Accuracy class C is required for consumer goods such as food and for building materials scales, while accuracy class A load cells are used for goods requiring maximum accuracy. Load cells and force gauges used in the food sector must also be verified - a requirement all RHEWA load cells fulfil, of course. A wide range of models with different rated loads and measuring ranges is available to help you find the right shear beam or single point load cell for your requirements. And should you need a load cell tailored to your weighing installation, we can provide custom-made products according to your specifications.

What measuring ranges and rated load should be selected?

The measuring ranges and the required rated load depend on the application. The rated load is indicated in grams, kilograms or tonnes, for example, with our models covering measuring ranges of 5 to 5,000 kg. 

Higher measuring ranges should be selected in conjunction with dynamic loads to prevent overloading. Loss-free load transmission is also important if errors of measurement are to be avoided. Torque-free load transmission can be achieved by the use of special ball heads for load cells. This type of load transmission ensures that weighing modules operate very accurately and without error, as it can also absorb any disruptive lateral forces and thus tidy up the weighing result.

RHEWA single point load cells

Force gauges or heavy-duty load cells for platforms are suitable for use with weighing systems for small and medium-sized loads (up to 5 tonnes). Yet this is not the only area where a rugged stainless steel load cell can be deployed. Platform scales are used in the filling and metering of foodstuffs and building materials and also for measuring overload conditions in lifts.

The difference between single point load cells and other types of load cell lies in their ability to measure off-centre loads. This means they can make precise weight measurements even if the load is placed on a corner of the platform. All you need to design a weighing system to meet your needs then are the technical details and properties, such as measuring range, load transmission and rated load, which you can find in datasheets on our website.

Wie offer single point load cells with a typical platform size of 400 x 400 or 600 x 600 mm. 

Shear beam load cells - particularly suitable for industrial use

The spring element is the heart of the shear beam load cell - on it are installed the strain gauges that automatically measure the elastic deformation of the stainless steel caused by the weight of the load from which the weight is calculated. The shear beam load cell can come as a single point load cell or in a version with several precision load cells connected in series. 

A rated load load cell meets all the requirements, of course, and can be verified for maximum precision. All the necessary information for RHEWA shear beam load cells, such as rated load, measuring ranges and much more besides, can be found in the datasheet provided. 

Everything you need for a weighing installation

At RHEWA you will not only find the requisite load cells, of course, but also everything you need to construct a fully functioning and robust weighing system, including: 

  • mounting set for shear beam load cells
  • floor mounting sets
  • feet with mounting flange
  • and more besides.

RHEWA has stood for innovative and precise weighing equipment in the areas of plant engineering, logistics, food, metal processing and chemicals for more than 110 years. We know what weighing and measuring is all about and offer practice-driven solutions that save you time and money. And it goes without saying that we can also offer customised solutions in many areas, such as rated load, measuring range, etc. - get in touch and we will work with you to develop a weighing system tailored to your specifications and requirements! We look forward to hearing from you.