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Pallet scales

Designed for industrial use

The pallet scale, also known as a U-frame scale, impresses for two reasons.
1. The industrial truck need not be moved off the platform, it simply has to be lowered down.
2. The scale can also be moved to the place of use by hand, thus permitting maximum flexibility.

Our pallet scales come in three versions as standard. For example as traditional mobile pallet scales for Euro and industrial pallets. The stationary 051 version manages without rollers and accessories, instead offering the advantages of a U-frame scale. The third version is the XXl format 051S with extra wide load-bearing beams (300 mm and 1200 mm) for IBCs and industrial pallets - a genuine all-rounder!

Pallet scales

Pallet scales - simple capture of the weighing range to 2,000 kilograms

Our pallet scales are prepared for every eventuality. This is shown by the generously configured weighing range, which extends from four kilograms to two tonnes. Depending on the model, which is tailored to your requirement. Each floor scale model can be supplied in calibrated or verified form. For exact weighing results. And all in easily tarable steps when it comes to the scale interval. RHEWA pallet scales operate in scale intervals of 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 grams. Our customers work to demanding standards and have come to expect such a high degree of accuracy and divisions! To ensure not a single gram (and thus money) is "lost" because it hasn't been weighed or displayed.

Yet the weighing range is not the end of the road as far as the capacity of our pallet scales is concerned. Our floor scale with weighing range to 600 kilograms can still accept loads with a maximum total weight of 1,800 kilograms. Models weighing loads of up to 1,500 or 2,000 kilograms can cope with a maximum weight of 3,500 kilograms. This means that the maximum safe load sustainably exceeds all weighing ranges and thus allows for any packaging materials such as wire baskets that have a high dead weight.

What is a pallet scale?

A primary question in industry, logistics, trade and other sectors is 'what does this weigh'? Questions such as this are asked in incoming/outgoing goods areas almost every day. The weighing range our measuring instruments have to cover has to be captured flexibly and accurately. This is often a matter of hard cash!

A floor scale delivers the answer to your weight-related questions! Our pallet scales come in many different versions and are designed to deliver exact weight measurements. The spectrum is immense and reflects the demands placed by the market on our measuring instruments. Pallet scales can be designed as roll-through scales, roll-over scales and flush-mounted floor scales. The intended purpose and place of use will determine which of the versions in our broad product portfolio is the right one for you.

RHEWA pallet scales are the product of choice when it comes to precise weighing and measuring instruments!