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Wall scales

With hinged weighing platform

Food-scales are specially designed scales for the food processing sector according to HACCP specifications and made entirely of stainless steel.

The high IP68 rating guarantees a long service life under the toughest of conditions. Our food scales include the Aqua series plus a number of select compact scales.

Wall scales

RHEWA wall scales - precise weighing when space is at a premium

At some companies, weighing instruments are only needed from time to time and otherwise take up valuable work or storage space. In such cases, it makes sense to use wall scales. They are very easy to mount on the wall and have a hinged platform. When the platform is up, the overall depth is just 160 mm!

Thanks to their hygiene-appropriate design in accordance with HACCP guidelines, RHEWA wall scales can be used not only where space is limited, but also in sectors such as food processing. Combined with our meat hook fixture, RHEWA wall scales are ideal for butcheries, slaughterhouses, commercial kitchens and anywhere where suspended loads have to be weighed.

Easy to clean wall scales for perfect hygiene

We attach the highest importance to easy-to-clean components precisely because wall scales are popular in the food processing industry. Our wall scales, with their weighing platform and indicator, are largely made from stainless steel, which means they can be cleaned thoroughly and easily.

With weighing platforms in the sizes 540 x 410 and 540 x 440, both RHEWA wall scale models are not only ideal for weighing suspended loads but have also been perfected for E2 crates. And both wall scale models are EC Class III approved, of course.

Options for RHEWA wall scales

Our wall scales are renowned for being convenient and intuitive to use. And our optional extras allow you to make them even better. Choose from the following accessories:

  • Stainless steel meat hook
  • Roll printer
  • Roll printer wall bracket
  • Tilting indicator wall bracket

Our wall scales also offer weighing capacities of 0 - 60 and 0 -150 kg and weighing ranges of 0.2 - 60 and 0.4 - 150 kg with maximum safe loads of 100 and 200 kg respectively.

RHEWA wall scales at a glance

The lightweight wall scale 811 is perfect for any meat processing line but also for production facilities that operate with suspended loads. Thanks to a low overall depth and hinged platform, the scale occupies very little space, especially as the indicator can also be mounted on the wall. A stainless steel enclosure and weighing platform with an aluminium load cell inside offer precise weighing and ease of cleaning. The meat hook can be retrofitted as an optional accessory.

The 812 model is a genuine space-saver whose main difference from the other model lies in the slimmer platform. It too comes with mounting hardware for convenient installation on the wall.

Perfectly tailored to your needs: choice of two indicators

We offer two indicator options for our wall scales: 

  • Indicator 82 Alpha: our slender model for tare weighing. Easy to mount on walls and comes with a rugged stainless steel enclosure and a serial port for connecting to a computer, printer, barcode scanner, etc.
  • Indicator 82C(omfort) Plus: for demanding applications, the 82C indicator offers exact weight and quantity indication, an accumulate function and a numeric pad for entry of tare and reference weights, etc. Two serial ports for connecting a computer, printer, etc. 

This means RHEWA has the right indicator for every requirement. Also available in a stainless steel enclosure for hygiene applications, of course.

RHEWA - more than 110 years of precision

RHEWA wall scales are renowned for their small footprint and ease of operation. Yet our portfolio also includes large scales, of course, such as bench and food scales, weighing scale pallet trucks, and floor and platform scales. We have specialised in weighing technology for more than 110 years. For your individual requirements, we will work with you to find practice-driven solutions produced to your wishes - simply get in touch, we look forward to speaking to you!