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Count/weigh systems

Assemble your own tailormade system for your specific weighing needs.

Combined count/weigh systems consist of one or more quantity scales for counting and weighing plus one or more smaller and higher-resolution reference scales. Reference scales are used for precisely determining the reference weight (i.e. the average unit weight) of the items being counted.

Up to three weighing platforms plus an additional precision scale can be connected to the indicator 84vario

Detailed descriptions of the individual components and optional extras can be found on the corresponding product pages.

Do you have a specific requirement? The RHEWA sales team will be happy to advise.

Example: Indicator 84vario with printer and two weighing platforms, for items weighing 2 g and over, max. weighing capacity 1500 kg:

  • Indicator 84vario and 83sigma
  • Printer option 84/roll printer for thermal paper 0274
  • Weighing platform 050/1500/125 as a quantity scale
  • Weighing platform 032/15 as a reference scale

Counting scales to 150 kg are also available as compact scales.

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