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Counting scales

Counting scales at a glance

From compact simple counting scales to bespoke count/weigh systems - we create the optimum system for all your counting requirements.

Key factors are the lowest unit weight, the max. quantity and total weight, and the size of the container!

Counting scales

From simple, compact counting scales to bespoke count/weigh systems

RHEWA counting scales - when precision matters

Wherever small piece parts are manufactured or warehoused in large numbers, a stocktake will have to be done sooner or later. There was a time when the apprentice was handed this task and spent many, many hours counting screws and nuts, for example, but these days ultra-modern counting scales are used. They ascertain the weight reliably and accurately - thanks to the connected data centre, ensuring no part is overlooked or counted twice.

Essentially, counting scales operate according to a simple principle - a small part, such as a screw or a nail, is placed on the scale to determine the reference weight. The counting scale can store this weight, and if you then place more of these small parts on the scale, it will calculate the exact quantity according to the weight. A wide choice of models for every requirement is available as far as the maximum capacity or the weighing range are concerned.

What can counting scales be used for?

The range of companies that can deploy a counting scale is extremely broad. In principle, they can be used in every area where large numbers of small parts are produced, warehoused or processed, from the manufacturing industry and producers of metal components for the automotive and toolmaking industries to the market segment for everyday consumer goods.

A counting system allows you to count the following products quickly and accurately, for example, even in large quantities:

  • Vehicle and metal parts
  • Screws, nails and other small parts for trade use
  • Paper (business cards, leaflets, envelopes, etc.)
  • Tablets
  • Stationary
  • Coins

In principle, then, a counting system can be used almost anywhere, from production and goods inward to the warehouse, goods outward and logistics. We do, of course, offer both scales that are admissible for verification or already verified for retail use.

Electronic count/weigh systems 8-036

Are you looking for a mix of quantity scale and reference scale? If you are, our count/weigh systems are just right for you. These ultra-modern appliances are Class III approved and have a data storage device for connection to a computer, two serial ports, Ethernet and USB. You can also choose from different versions in terms of maximum capacity and weighing range.

The advantages of counting scales

The use of counting scales and reference scales brings a host of advantages for you and your company:

  • No counting by hand: Mistakes can happen when counting by hand during stocktakes or daily inventory management - to err is human, after all. Counting systems reduce errors to a minimum.
  • Time savings: Not only do mistakes happen when people count, it also takes up valuable time that could be put to more efficient use. Counting scales allow you to quantify large numbers of small parts, irrespective of the weighing range, with the count system calculating the exact quantity in a matter of seconds.
  • Count systems pay off very quickly: Investments in reference and counting scales pay off very quickly when compared with the working time saved by deploying them, especially when used to maximum capacity.

RHEWA counting scales

We offer both compact counting scales for use in small businesses or as portable workstations and larger models that combine quantity and reference scales. And we can also make you a bespoke count/weigh system, of course, where you can mix and match a quantity scale, a reference scale, a printer and indicators according to your individual requirements. Here, the choice is yours when it comes to maximum capacity and weighing range.

Electronic counting scale 937C

Looking for a compact appliance for your business or for portable use? With the counting scale 937C, you get a mains-independent computation system that allows you to store up to 200 items. The various versions offer you a weighing range/maximum capacity from 0 - 3 kg to 0 - 30 kg. A separately available thermal printer can be used for documentation purposes.

Counting scales 837E

Our trade approved counting scales in the 837E range have a single-key multi-count function and an accumulate function with 10 dedicated memories. For your individual requirements, we have 837E counting scales in two sizes and with a weighing range that starts at 0.02 to 3 kg and extends to a weighing range/maximum capacity of 1 to 150 kg. The choice of maximum capacity allows you to determine very easily which counting scales meet your requirements.