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Small compact scales

With integral display or plug-in scale

Our compact scales are renowned for their flexibility and ease of use. The integral mains-independent voltage supply allows them to be deployed wherever you need to do some weighing.

Weighing ranges to 30 kg and small scale intervals (readability) of 1 g and lower permit very precise weighing in the tightest of spaces - they don't get compacter than this!

Small compact scale

Small compact scales from RHEWA - small yet powerful

A scale with a huge weighing platform or load receptor is not always what you need. In some cases, a small compact scale or bench scale is more practical and makes more sense, especially for food stores and other purveyors of small items that need to be weighed. Compact counting scales can do just about anything a larger model can do - when combined with an indicator they can check weights, use the accumulate function and display gross and net values.

Our bench scales can also be equipped with a printer to allow the results from the indicator to be printed out at the touch of a button. RHEWA complete scales come with the weighing platform and the indicator as standard, while accessories such as printers can be ordered separately.

The advantages of compact scales

Knowing the exact weight of the load is often crucial, especially in the food sector, where every gram is worth money. This is precisely why our compact scales are EC trade approved. Precise, powerful and exact. Yet they are not the only advantages offered by a RHEWA weighing platform. Our small compact scales are:

  • portable thanks to the on-board rechargeable battery, which makes them independent of the mains supply
  • hygienic because of the plastics enclosure and stainless steel platform
  • protected against dripping water
  • available in various weighing ranges
  • available in trade approved versions

Who might need a small compact scale?

Battery-operated (compact) scales can be used for many purposes, most obviously in the production and sale of food, of course. But portable scales such as these are also ideal for use in shops, small DIY stores, factories, laboratories and even schools. Small scales are extremely easy to use and transport. Some versions come with batteries and can therefore be used anywhere without the need for a mains supply. For use in wet areas, however, we recommend our Aqua scales, which unlike conventional weighing platforms are water-resistant.

RHEWA compact scales - always a good choice

Small compact scales are versatile, practical and precise - anywhere, anytime! In a counting scale from RHEWA, you are investing in an innovative product based on more than 110 years of weighing technology experience. Every gram is important to us, and that is why we develop products from counting scales to platform scales according to the needs and wants of our customers. And if you don't find what you're looking for, we are happy to help with a bespoke compact scale solution!