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Maximum Mobility and Long Battery Life – Type 332-34: RHEWA's Latest Industrial Scale up to 300 kg

Here, RHEWA-WAAGENFABRIK presents the new industrial scales 332, 333, and 334. The versatile and certified table scale, as well as the certified floor scale, are designed for precision, mobility, and reliable long-term use in industrial environments. The weighing range of the new models spans from 3 kg to 300 kg, thus covering the needs of the majority of industrial weighing processes.

Our new robust industrial scale distinguishes itself with its versatile and process-safe functions and options, making it an essential tool for your production:

Highest Mobility
Equipped with an ergonomic mobile device, our industrial scale is ideal for mobile applications. Effortlessly move the scale from one location to another and benefit from its flexibility.

Wireless Endurance
The built-in high-performance battery ensures extended wireless operation of over 35 hours. You can use the industrial scale without worrying about power connections for longer periods.

Precise Accuracy
Flexibility and stable battery operation do not compromise the precision of RHEWA's industrial scale. This means that your weighings deliver accurate results with reliable process safety.

User-Friendly Operation
The intuitive user interface and simple controls make operating the industrial scale in your business a breeze.

Quality Despite Flexibility
You can rely on the long-lasting, dependable performance of battery-powered industrial scales. Thus, flexible weighing in the industry becomes a matter of course.


So, whether you are weighing raw materials, intermediate products, or finished goods – our industrial scale 332-334 is tailor-made for your needs. Let us assist you in elevating your production to the next level. RHEWA provides you with durable and advanced weighing technology.


Would you like to learn more about the innovative features and advantages of our industrial scales? Just reach out to us! Together with our specialist trade partners, we are happy to advise you over the phone, in a web meeting, or even on-site.

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