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New RHEWA Indicator 82e-1 in Focus: A Product for Highest Standards

RHEWA introduces the new indicator 82e-1 – the perfect solution for industrial enterprises and scale retailers that insist only on the highest standards in terms of precision and flexibility for their industrial scales.

The indicator 82e-1 is characterized by intuitive, easy operation and is designed with two standard interfaces, making it ideal for IT connections with additional output devices such as printers or remote displays. The extremely fast weight determination with tare compensation is just one of the outstanding features of this edition model, making it particularly suitable for industrial scales.

The robust evaluation device features a completely waterproof stainless steel housing (IP 67) with a clear, large LCD display and white backlight. It can be used as a table, wall, or tripod device and is tiltable up to 160°.

On the software side, RHEWA ensures that production processes do not need to be redesigned when using the 82e-1 scale display – integration with common IT programs in the industry is guaranteed. The new Remote Scale App and Data RDK 4.0 are also perfectly tailored to the 82e-1.

Key features of the 82e-1 at a glance:

  • Connection option for 1 weighing bridge
  • 2 serial interfaces on board for IT integration or for connecting printers, barcode readers, remote displays, and similar devices
  • Optional expansions with software solutions such as DataLog as a Service, Data RDK 4.0, and the Remote Scale App
  • Activatable automatic taring
  • Optional connectivity for Ethernet, Profibus, analog output, Bluetooth
  • Battery-buffered clock with long battery life
  • 10 freely configurable weighing processes and print layouts
  • Electronic calibration seal
  • Integrated power supply with wide voltage range
  • Ready interfaces for software applications such as DHL, JTL, etc.
  • Measurement filter for vibration-sensitive weighing tasks
  • Up to 5 freely adjustable calibration points
  • Dongle function

Explore the versatile capabilities of the 82e-1 and optimize your applications with RHEWA's latest innovation.

Do you want to learn more or are interested in implementing the evaluation device 82e-1 in your company? Then contact us and get advice! The RHEWA team looks forward to being personally contacted by you.

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