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Precision for your inventory: top-notch counting scales by RHEWA

The year-end season is inventory time - that's why you can learn more here about the outstanding RHEWA counting scale models designed for detailed inventory purposes. In particular, three industrial scales, proven to be key components for accurate inventory processes among RHEWA customers, are introduced to a wider audience.

The popular counting and weighing system 83sigma-036 - combines precision and robustness

This advanced, calibrated counting scale offers impressive precision for a wide range of parts. The combination of a reference scale and a quantity scale allows not only for quick and accurate counting but also seamless integration into your existing systems. The user-friendly industrial scale 83sigma-036 is the ideal choice to elevate inventory processes to a new level. Invest in a scale that pays off.

The combined counting scale 84vario-036 and pallet scale 050 - unexpected possibilities

Modular and calibrated counting and weighing systems, such as the combined counting scale 84vario-036 and pallet scale 050, deliver accurate counting results in a wide range of applications. This enables precise checking of completeness for pallets, stillages, and other bulk containers. Internal databases and integration with ERP systems provide time savings and process optimization. This versatility makes them the perfect choice for industrial enterprises.

The compact counting scale 937C - fits on any workstation

The space-saving and mobile counting scale 937C sets standards in terms of user-friendliness. With intuitive operation and a variety of features, it allows for effortless and error-free inventory. Rely on the 937C to maximize efficiency and accuracy in your business.

Trust in the proven quality of RHEWA to optimize your inventory processes. Discover how the counting and weighing system 83sigma-036, the Combined Counting Scale 84vario-036 + Pallet Scale 050, and the Counting Scale 937C can meet and exceed your inventory requirements.

Interested or want to learn more? Contact our experts directly and benefit from our expert advice! Together with our trade partners, we are happy to advise you over the phone, in web meetings, or on-site.

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