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Precision Parcel Scales from RHEWA-WAAGENFABRIK: Perfect solutions for your business

RHEWA-WAAGENFABRIK presents a wide range of parcel scales designed to meet the needs of logistics, intralogistics, and industrial companies with their own inbound and outbound departments. The product line includes high-quality models that deliver precise weighing results and exceptional build quality.

Diverse Models for Various Parcel Scales

The non-verifiable table scales 933L and 944 are distinguished by impact-resistant plastic evaluation units and stainless steel weighing platforms. They are expandable and feature strain gauge load cells. The 933L comes in a platform size of 500 x 400 mm with weight ranges of 35, 60, and 150 kg, while the 944 is available in platform sizes of 400 x 300 and 500 x 400 mm with weight ranges of 30, 60, and 150 kg.

Similarly, the verifiable platform scale models 332, 333, and 334 are versatile table scales or floor scales with plastic evaluation units, serial interfaces, strain gauge load cells, and the option for battery operation. Platform sizes of 350 x 280, 500 x 400, and 650 x 550 mm, as well as weight ranges of 3, 6, 15, 30, 35, 60, and 150 kg, are available choices.

The robust verifiable models 831, 832, 833, 834, and 835 impress with integrated power supplies, strain gauge load cells in protection class IP 66 (standard version) or IP 68 (stainless steel version), and optional evaluation units with basic or extended functions. The weighing platforms range from 170 x 150 to 800 x 600 mm, and the weight ranges range from 1.5 to 400 kg.

With our parcel scales, we offer solutions that make operation more convenient, provide precise weighing results, and ensure the highest build quality. Find the right industrial scale model for your specific needs, whether in the warehouse, production, or shipping. The scale manufacturer RHEWA-WAAGENFABRIK provides solutions for efficient and precise operations in various types of companies.

Looking for a closer look? Then contact our experts directly and benefit from our expert guidance! Together with our trade partners, we are happy to advise you by phone, web meetings, or on-site.

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